Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holiday Wishes!

On behalf of the CDC,
A Happy Merry Holidays greetings to our bb, Christopher Dallman, Josh Pohja and family.

And the same goes out to all the CDC members, and many many other CJD fans out there who love + support him and his music.

Also, check out Howard Stump's marvellous Soundtrack of the Day music blog, and his most latest, sweet post on Christopher - "Visit Christopher Dallman for the Holidays".

A new CJD album, produced by George Stanford, is targeted for release in 2011. And I know we are all eager to celebrate the premiere of an official version of "Gimme Me More" music video from the "Sad Britney" EP. (To the newbies, yes - it's a cover of *that* Britney Spears song. Go to Christopher's website and buy/ download it!)

Christopher is also planning a USA Summer tour in 2011. Demand for Christopher to play in your town! ;) Click this page on FB for your request!

Here's wishing that 2011 will bring even more good things for Christopher and all of us!


Note: If you want your name listed on the CDC blog page, just tweet any of us -- @dasWuslon @EliOK @syzzlyn

Monday, November 29, 2010

Ghosts at #1!!!


Christopher Dallman's "Ghosts" music video is now No. 1 at Top 100!

The music video finally flew past Dutch Tha Kid's "All Night" and has over 20,600 views. W000t!

You CJD fans are awesome! We made it but keep at it!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Keep Werking It, CDC!

Today, Christopher Dallman's "Ghosts" music video is still snuggly at the top-range. The video is currently at #2 for Top 100! And he's had over 15,000 views so far!

Let's keep werking it, folks! Make it to #1!!! :D

There's also a gig coming up on 18th December at Hotel Utah, San Francisco. Christopher will be playing live with Keeley Valentino and Utah Girl!

New and old fans - if you are around the area, don't miss this! Get your tickets here!

And kudos to webmaster Sean Akers for creating a new splashpage for Christopher's website. Check it out!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

MTV Rising For "Ghosts"!

Last Week, Christopher Dallman's music video "Ghosts" debuted at Top 100!

From a humble #47 spot, it quickly rose to #25 within a day! CJD's fans got win of this awesome news and chipped in to spread the news in any way they could.

The "Ghosts" video rose quickly within a few hours. More folks who frequent also got wind of this wonderful and beautifully directed video by Kevin R Thompson. And so, it didn't stop just there, the video passed the Top 20, surpassing even Pink, Willow and Bruno Mars, and finally, reached it's peak at #2 the same day!! It even whizzed past Katy Perry!!!

A surreal achievement for an ethereal song!

For the week, the video stayed at the #4 spot. The CDC is sure that you can keep spreading the word to your friends to watch the lovely "Ghosts" video.

And as a special freebie to fans, email Christopher at and he will send you two music tracks - a demo of "A Little Bit of Blue" and a live audio of "Ghosts"! Available for a limited time only, so hurry!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Bunch of CJD News!!

And they are exciting ones too!

First awesome news that came in yesterday - Christopher Dallman's "Ghosts" music video, which was directed by Kevin R Thompson, is now featured on!

If you haven't watched it before, I highly recommend that you click on the link above and enjoy the beautiful mix of music and imagery.

Recently, Christopher also gave us a teaser pic (see above) of the latest music video he had been working on. This was going to be the more fancy production for the Britney cover song "Gimme Me More" from his "Sad Britney" EP. I can't wait for this music video to be officially released!!

Another interesting thing is that, starting November, Christopher decided to embark on a kind of personal experiment and challenge called "30 songs in 30 days". He hopes to expand his creativity and potential by doing this and maybe he'll share with us a a few bars of a new tune or two? :)

If you are already on Tumblr, check out Christopher's Tumblr page and FOLLOW! Some really fascinating pics and tidbits are posted in there, including quite a few of their furry babies!

And last but not least, today's Christopher's and Joshua's wedding anniversary!
We wish the both of you many more love and happy years to come!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One More in LA!

So, Christopher will be hitting a short set in LA one more time at the Good Hurt!

The gig is at 8pm this Sunday, October 17!

The performance is with regards to Planet LA Records' and MusicBox Publishing's launch event with bands Djinn, Native June and The Faded.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Barre-ing the CJD Heat To Party Down in LA

A bunch of folks attended Christopher Dallman's "birthday celebration" performance with special guest Aiden James at Show at Barre on the last Monday of September. That day turned out to be one of the Hottest day in LA with a high of 113F in downtown LA. Was this 'coz fans were turning up the heat in anticipation of seeing Christopher perform live in a very nice shirt? ;)

Embracing the record-breaking hotness, my good friend Chelle aka @HardlyanAngel was there to party with the best of them! Here is her fan report:


Friday, September 24, 2010


This is admittedly a little late as a CDC blog post but I know the whole bunch of us were definitely not tardy with our online birthday greetings and gifts to sweet Christopher Dallman!

For those who are unaware, Christopher (and his sexy striped tie) celebrated his birthday on 23rd September with his hubby and close friends last night. I'm sure it was a blast!

As a CDC member, I declare this still a Christopher birthday weekend, and it would make him real happy if you continue to share/ post links to his music and music videos and tell your friends about his work!

Here's a live version of "Over My Head" - a song that Christopher "always plays" ;)

Howard (@hrstump) starts it off with an epic birthday post
and here's talented artist @dasWuslon with her lovely birthday art!

The birthday celebration will continue with the live performance next Monday, 27th September at Show at Barre in LA, with SPECIAL guest with Aiden James. Check out the previous blog for more information!

So, if you want, feel free to post your CJD birthday greetings here too!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

LA Party Gig with Aiden James!

Only about slightly more than a week!!

Don't miss out on this Christopher Dallman live performance on 27 September at Show at Barre in LA, with SPECIAL guest Aiden James!

Tickets are available at Show at Barre.

This should be a rockin' cool night! And the scoop is that -- some new songs will be featured!

If you are going and want to do a fan report for our CDC blog, tweet/ email me!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Live in Colorado Springs!

What is it about these tall lean attractive men with eyebrows?! This particular one is Chris Dallman, songwriter and performer.  I knew about Chris from Zach Quinto’s shoutouts and from hearing clips of his songs on ZQC. Nice breathy voice, insistent beat, words that strike a chord with me.

“On a day like today
When I do everything I always say I won’t
Just when things were riding fine
I lose sight of the line between do and don’t”

Yep. I’ve been there. This guy speaks to me.

Friends had seen Chris perform and said he was wonderful. But those were in bigger cities than Santa Fe, New Mexico. I figured it would be years before I could see him. So when I found out he would be doing a show in Colorado Springs on Aug 30, just a five hour drive away, I leapt at the opportunity. Destiny Raven was coming too, so I’d have someone I knew there.

The performance was at Shuga’s, a restaurant that has live music on Monday evenings. Chris arrived to a chorus of hello’s – lots of friends of his there. He had met Destiny before when she attended a performance he did in LA so he greeted her warmly. He even greeted me warmly though he only knew me from Twitter. A lovely man. I had of course seen him in pictures and videos, but the unexpected part was what an impish look peeks out from his eyes periodically. This guy not only speaks profoundly of life; he would also be fun to hang out with. Plus he has nice biceps! (syzzlyn's note: WOOHOOO!!!)

Chris set up in a corner of the restaurant, with audio equipment, a mic and his guitar. Initially it was a small group. He laughed that he knew everyone in the room. What a treat to have almost a private at-home kind of atmosphere! Later more people came in, but even so it felt very intimate. Turns out he was there for another gig and was doing this one primarily for local friends.

Chris doesn’t have a lot of audience patter in his performance, even with a familiar group. He mostly plays continuously from song to song.  Some were old familiars like “Mistake” from his album “Race the Light” and “A Little Bit of Blue” from “Never Was”. Some were ones new to me, from an album he plans to release this winter.

The style of his songs ranges from soft and mellow to insistent beat. His voice acts as a separate instrument, more than a way to deliver lyrics. Indeed sometimes I can’t discern the lyrics on the first hearing since I’m not an audio type person. The range in his voice by itself captures interest. To see and here more of Chris, check out his website!

Clearly this is a man I’ll keep my eye on. He’s going places, and I hope to arrange for one of them to be in Santa Fe.

Thanks to LindsaySF for the blog and photos!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Show Dates!

For those who are eager to watch Christopher Dallman live, he is having more show dates on August 30th and in the September!!

Here is the list:

August 30, 2010
9pm Monday
Shuga’s – 702 S Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO

September 27, 2010
8pm Monday
Show at BarreBirthday Show with Aiden James! – 1714 N Vermont
Los Angeles, CA

September 30, 2010
8pm Thursday
Dolores Park Cafe – w/ Aiden James! – 501 Dolores St.
San Francisco, CA

So if you are able to make it, go give your support to Christopher Dallman! You won't regret spending the time!

And .... the CDC connection would also love to receive fan photos, videos and reports from you if you are able to attend these shows!!! Tweet @syzzlyn, @DasWuslon or @EliOK for more information.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Luminous LA Night With Christopher Dallman

When a few of us were deciding to hang out in LA before heading to San Diego for Comic Con, I asked Christopher if he would be doing a live performance around that weekend... could he, would he?? pretty please?? :)

Somehow, Christopher managed to book for a show at the Hotel Cafe in LA on 19th July. When he announced it, we were sooooo excited!!

It has been almost a month since but I still remember that special night quite well!

On that Monday, @eserei27, @HardlyanAngel, @_mriel and me had a full fun day. We went to visit the WB studio and then spent time at two beaches (Venice/ Santa Monica) before rushing back to meet @nhousey at our hotel.

With a super-quick get-ready routine, @HardlyanAngel picked @_mriel and me up half an hour later at our hotel - with just about 15 min to spare for Christopher's gig. @eserei27 and @nhousey left the hotel some minutes later in a separate car.

We arrived at the venue in good time and there was another band still playing. Somehow in the dark, we spotted our other friends who have also arrived - @tallchlck and @afreshPOV and said hello them. As we were standing there waiting for the band to end their performance, @_mriel called my name. I spun around and she beckoned to Christopher who had just emerged from the venue's "office" and was standing behind her!

Christopher had a big friendly smile on his face and we gave each other a BIG hug - both of us saying that it was great to finally see each other in person! He was in a hurry, however... as it was his time to do a quick sound-check. So, he made some quick long strides towards the stage.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New "Gimme More" video in the works!

Earlier this year, Christopher had mentioned about plans to film a more professional "Gimme More" music video. However, the filming had somehow been delayed.

The video was finally recorded yesterday on 1 August at a nightclub in Newport Beach.

And get this ... Christopher was wearing a tuxedo during the shoot! WOOHOO!

Based on pics tweeted by Christopher, there also appears to be a piano involved.

The video is directed by Derek Woods. You can take a peek of Derek's style from his director's reel on his website. From what I saw from the reel, the clip looks noir-ish, gritty and a tad frantic.

So, I am curious about how Derek's style will carry through to Christopher's version of "Gimme More". I think it would be a very interesting piece of work. Don't you think?

To add another promotional boost -- Christopher's first live EP "Live in LA" will be released on Bandcamp on Tuesday, 3rd August! Remember to get a digital copy!

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Live EP -- CJD's First!

Heads up, people!

Christopher Dallman will be releasing his very first live EP this coming Tuesday, 3rd August!

The recording was done during Christopher's live gig at the Hotel Cafe, LA on 19th July .. and a bunch of us fans (including me) were there to see him perform!

Sharing the stage with Christopher that night were George Stanford and Sarah Roberts. And I can't wait to listen segments of the performance again - this time on the live EP!

The tracklisting of the live EP:

1. Ghosts
2. Subterranean
3. Mistake
4. Over my Head
5. Hard to Breathe

The EP will only be available digitally at Bandcamp!

Look out for it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

LA Live Show - It's Gonna Be Special!

... haven't you felt something stir deep within your bones and know that something special is gonna happen???

Well, Christopher feels it for the upcoming July 19th, 8pm live show at the Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles!

If you can make it -- Don't Miss It!!!

And Bring Your Friends!!! Lotsa them! :D

@syzzlyn and gang will be there too

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rockin' It in Chicago!

Quite a few fans were thrilled when Christopher made his way to Chicago for a live performance just a few days ago on June 11th! The show was held at Uncommon Ground DEVON with another indie musician, Rachael Sage.

Olayinka (@omhassan7) was there for the performance and here is her review!

"As I rocked a white summer dress with cream chucks in the hot Chicago weather. I waited patiently to hear Chris Dallman perform. For months I wondered would Chris be able to come to Chicago despite the fact he has a busy schedule? I wondered and waited to hear his response on playing in Chicago. Patience proved to be a virtue as Chris tweeted that he would be performing on June 11, 2010 in Chicago. He stated that he would be opening for the talented recording artist Rachael Sage. I screamed "yeah" and told my brothers and friends that the very talented Chris Dallman was coming to town.

As the night approached, I was overwhelmed with excitement because I knew that I would be graced with an angelic voice. I invited a good friend of mine and I told her to be prepared to be swooned by Chris's voice. We approached the venue and saw it was a full house. The hostess asked for my reservation name and sat us right in front of the stage. The room was filled with Chris's family and friends. Before I could say "where is Chris?" Chris approached me and said "I recognize you!" He welcomed me with a great big bear hug. I was sold. I tried not to blush but I knew I was going to witness the best live performance in my life.

When Chris approached the stage, I smiled and became very excited to hear him perform live for the first time. Chris is an amazing performer. His voice blew me away. I sat there in a daze as I listened to Chris perform hits such as "Gimme More" and "Over My Head". Chris also made my heart melt as he sang "Hard to Breathe" and "Right On Time". At this point, I knew I was blessed to hear Chris sing. Chris is so gifted. He showed us his different guitar skills and it was evident that Chris is a great singer/songwriter. My friend whispered to me "He's a fantastic performer. I'm about to cry."

Chris Dallman is such a sincere and genuine person. I was touched by his talent and love for music. He's a phenomenal performer. I was also blown away by how funny he was. He knew how to make the crowd laugh while entertaining and gracing us with his music. I had the pleasure of talking to him after the show and we talked as if we were long time friends from high school. Two thumbs up to Chris. I'll fly anywhere to see him perform again. Thanks Chris!"

(Pics taken by @omhassan7)

Now... @syzzlyn really can't wait to be at the Hotel Cafe, LA on 19th July. The Island Diva from Singapore WILL be THERE! :D

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Christopher and Keeley in San Francisco!

Here's another fan report of Christopher's live performance when he returned to San Francisco earlier this month!!!

I'll let Cheryl describe that night's events in her own words! :)

Fan Report by Cheryl (@calowder)
Last week Christopher Dallman returned for another wonderful show on May 7, 2010 at the Dolores Park Café in San Francisco. It was a windy and cool Friday night but there was still an enthusiastic crowd ready to hear some great music. I was greeted by a smiling Chris when I walked in the door!!!

The show was opened by Keeley Valentino, a singer/songwriter from L.A. that came up with Christopher for the show. She has a strong voice, complemented well by her guitar playing. Many of her songs are about love and the heartbreak that comes with it, but the one song that really had an impact was "Paper Dolls," a beautiful song about her memories of growing up with her brother. She is very talented, and many friends of hers (she is a Bay Area native) showed up to support her!

Christopher then took over and performed his songs with his usual great skill and style. Besides his great cover of "Gimme More", he did all original songs of his own, including one that he recently wrote, "Right On Time." Along with his amazing vocals, he showed his usual skill on the guitar, playing in a range of guitar styles and fitting them perfectly to different songs. I always enjoy hearing "Anthem" and "Ghosts." There were definitely a few fans very familiar with his songs who enthusiastically greeted favorite tunes. The audience listened attentively to his stories especially those describing how and why the songs came about. We were also treated to some fun stories about the trip from LA (the state of California evidently wants him to balance the budget through tickets).

I got the chance to talk to Christopher after the show and enjoyed hearing about his recent and successful trip to New York. He had a concert and sang at a friend's wedding. He obviously loves New York and I wonder if Los Angeles will lose this talented artist to the East Coast!! As usual, I gave greetings from several of his worldwide friends and he was genuinely touched. Chris writes and performs music because he truly enjoys it and I hope he will continue to reward us with his musical gifts for a long time!! He is not only talented but a genuinely nice person. I wish all his fans could enjoy seeing him performing live.

Even though the café was closed and the staff was cleaning the kitchen, I noticed that people lingered to talk to Christopher, Keeley and each other. Many of us did not want to leave! It was really an enjoyable evening. What a treat to be able to hear artists in intimate settings where you can really absorb the full power of their music.

Click here for pictures of Christopher and Keeley in concert:

And for a video of Christopher from this concert:
(Thanks Doug!)

If you are interested to know more about Keeley Valentino, this is the link to her website -

Friday, May 14, 2010

Christopher in NYC... plus a new gig date!

(pic by Persephone)

Christopher Dallman 'went home' recently --- he was back in NYC where he had stayed for many years - for a live performance at the Rockwood Music Hall.

Coincidentally, neu-Spock Zachary Quinto was also jaunting around the city at the same time and we have reports that he and Corey Moosa had attended Christopher's gig, in support of their good friend!

Persephone (@theentwyfe) was one of the fortunate CJD fans to be there at the same show. She has her own blog post about Christopher's performance and you can read it....


She also has another blog post with pics from the show! Click here to see them!

Another blog writer and CJD fan @hrstump attended the show as well. His review of Christopher's performance is up online too! Click here for the post!

This week, Christopher has announced a new show date on 19th July in LA!

And guess WHAT?! As this is happening a few days before San Diego Comic Con, a bunch of us will be there at the show too! My friend @_mriel and I will be flying in from Singapore to LA the weekend prior. We can't wait!!!

So if you want to come party with us, see you at the Hotel Cafe!
-- w0000t!!! -- \(^ ^)/

Friday, May 7, 2010

Go Hit The Dance Floor!

Only cozy acoustic music from Christopher Dallman?

Think again!

DJ Jeff Lewis has done a clubby Radboy Radio Edit dance mix of Chris' marriage equality song, "Anthem".

Check out the audio file now!

Christopher Dallman - Anthem (Radboy Radio Edit) by Jeff_Lewis

Pardon me, while I play it again and hit some of my own slinky moves *g*

Friday, April 9, 2010

Double-Trouble Acoustic Duet

This totally adorable video was filmed right after the epic Double-Trouble Christopher Dallman and Aiden Jamestour in March 2010!!!

I love the way their voices harmonize for Christopher's song - "Little Bit of Blue". Love Aiden's tinkling of the piano too.

You don't have to take my word for it... Just watch this!

Christopher has also announced 4 more new gig dates!
If you are near to any of these venues, go invite your friends, buy some tickets and watch him live!

And if you want, send us a live show or fan report! (Tweet us: @dasWuslon @syzzlyn @EliOK)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Portland faced with Double Trouble!

Double Trouble besieged another city this past week -- thanks to the brand of musical mischief wrecked by the gorgeous duo, Christopher Dallman and Aiden James.

Here is a review of the Portland gig by Raine!

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Christopher Dallman at the Alberta Street Pub in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, March 27th.

I will try not to make my review sound like an outright plagiarism of Elizabeth's previous review but other than a few minor differences such as venue and conversation topics my experience was much the same.

From your description the Alberta Street Pub in Portland is very similar to the Skylark Club in Seattle. It’s a very small and intimate venue. As you walk in the door the entrance splits in two directions, to the left is a room where the bar is located and to the right is another room with a tiny stage. Small tables and chairs line the walls and a row of what appear to be church pews line the center of the room. Now these may look like church pews but they are far more comfortable than any church pew I ever sat on as a child.

My son Jim accompanied me to the show and we ran into a spot of bad luck getting there, first we got lost looking for the venue and went about 30 blocks too far and then when we finally found the pub the ticket machine in the paid parking lot jammed and wouldn’t give us our ticket. By the time we made it into the venue Chris was already half way through his set but the moment I walked through the door of the pub and heard Christopher’s sweet voice filling the venue I smiled and turned to Jim and whispered, “That’s Chris.”

Jim told me to go on in while he went back out to my truck and wrote a note for the parking lot vendors explaining that the ticket machine had jammed and that we had indeed paid for our parking.

The first thing I did upon entering was stop at the table that was set up next to the entrance and buy copies of “Race The Light” and “Never Was” which I have been wanting for quite a while. Being in a unfamiliar place all alone with Jim being outside at the truck and the only other living soul in the room I was familiar with was Chris from our online communications through Twitter and Myspace over the past few months I felt a little awkward and uncomfortable so I stood by myself at the back of the room enjoying Christopher’s music and awaiting Jim’s return.

Little did I realize I would have such a long wait. It was taking Jim forever to come back inside and eventually I began to feel even more awkward standing there so I took a seat at the end of the last pew and enjoyed the rest of Christopher’s set. I had no idea what to expect or if I would even get a chance to meet Chris at all but at the end of his set Chris announced that there would be a 10 minute break and then left the stage, he was coming right down the aisle towards me and when he saw me he smiled and stopped and thanked me for coming. I asked him if he knew who I was and he looked a little puzzled until I said, “I’m Raine.” Then his smile widened and he reached out and gave me the most warm and wonderful hug. Just as Elizabeth described in her review, it was much more like being reunited with an old and very dear friend rather than a first time face to face meeting. He thanked me again for coming and I told him I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. After Chris and I parted company I went back outside to find out what was taking Jim so long and found him just finishing up the note for the parking vendor. He explained that he had trouble finding a pen and that was what had taken so long. Jim and I went back into the pub and were about to get our drinks when Chris passed us on his way out the door. He stopped and told us he was stepping out for some fresh air so we said we would join him.

We stood outside the pub and talked about Portland, its weather and inhabitants in comparison to my hometown of Los Angeles and its weather and inhabitants, we also discussed San Francisco and the show he and Aiden had just done there as well as other subjects that were more along the lines of “getting to know you better” type of subjects which I won’t bore you with by going into detail.

Far too soon it was time to go back inside as Aiden’s set was about to begin. Jim and I went to the bar and got our drinks and then returned to the other side of the venue to be blown away by Aiden’s performance. We found a small uninhabited table at the back of the room right in front of the sound booth and sat down. Chris sat at the front of the room at the end of the first pew.

Aiden’s performance was just as wonderful as Christopher’s, his voice just as soulful and mellow, his lyrics meaningful. My favorite song is the unreleased “On My Sleeve” as it struck a chord with me through the songs lyrics and Aiden’s personal description of what inspired the song. Like Aiden explained about himself, I too tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and just as he described it is one of my greatest attributes as well as one my biggest flaws so this song struck deep with me.

Although Aiden seems a quieter and a bit more reserved than Chris, although this could have just been due to the fact that Aiden and I have had no previous contact online so to him I was a complete stranger, nonetheless Aiden has a charming wit and sense of humor. When he wasn’t wowing the audience with his music he had the entire room cracking up with his wit and humor.

Okay, now back to the music. As I already stated Aiden’s voice is just as soulful and mellow as Christopher’s, they compliment each other so well and when they both take the stage and sing together it is purely magical. I would love to see these two amazing artists and friends collaborate on a project together, I’m certain it would be absolutely incredible! (“hint, hint to Chris and Aiden.”)

Funny story time; at one point during Aiden’s set the natural born klutz in me decided to rear its ugly head and I tripped over a table and knocked a (thankfully capped) bottle of water on the floor right in front of Chris! Oh my God! How embarrassing is that?! I just did what I always do in embarrassing situations and laughed it off. I mean, what else can you do other than take it with a grain of humor and move on? It’s not like life gives you an instant “do over” though sometimes I certainly wish it did. So I leaned over to Chris and joked, “That’s pretty bad for someone who’s only had one beer.” Chris immediately put me at ease and although I still felt embarrassed for the disruption during Aiden’s set, I didn’t feel nearly as foolish. (“Please forgive me for the disruption during your set Aiden you were truly wonderful Saturday night.”)

After the show Chris and Aiden were both standing at the back of the room meeting fans and signing their CD’s for people. Jim and I made our way over and I bought both of Aiden’s CD’s “On the Run” and “Aiden James, Live at Tin Angel” because after hearing Aiden’s music he just acquired two new fans in the form of Jim and I. Chris and Aiden both signed their CD’s and then Jim and I escaped the crowd and stepped outside to give others a chance to meet and talk to these two very charming and extremely gifted artists.

While Jim and I were standing outside the pub talking about what we were going to do now that the gig was over Chris came out with his equipment to load it into his car, Jim asked if he could help Chris carry anything but Chris said he had everything alright and that his car was close which to my surprise was parked just a few feet from where Jim and I were standing. Chris loaded his equipment into the trunk and then stepped over to talk to us for a few more minutes before we left. Once again he thanked us for being there and again I told him I wouldn’t have missed it. We gave him our best wishes and a small gift we had brought for him, we said our goodbyes and he gave me another one of his warm and genuine hugs and then gave Jim a hug as well.

I feel like the English language is inadequate to fully describe just how warm, friendly, genuine as well as incredibly talented Christopher Dallman is, he is truly an incredible and amazing artist and a genuinely warm and wonderful human being and I feel sincerely fortunate for having the honor and pleasure of having met him. Portland loves you Chris! Come back again soon!

Note: Pics by Bounmy Sayasane

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Double Trouble, Double Fun!

Having already made the acquaintance of Christopher Dallman and Aiden James in the virtual world, I thought before attending their show at the Skylark Club and Café in West Seattle on Sunday night that I was going to be in for a mellow, entertaining evening featuring two guys and their guitars. I wasn’t prepared for such energetic and brilliantly charged performances!

Unfamiliar with the Skylark Club, I had heard that it was your typical divey Seattle music joint and not to expect much. Of course, the individual who told me this has previously performed at Benaroya Hall and The Triple Door; we’ll forgive him if his thinking was a little skewed! As it turned out, the Skylark is a cool, hipster - albeit small - venue that affords an intimate and personal setting with the musicians who grace the tiny stage. Save for the creepy Addams Family-style portrait on the side of the stage with eyes that seemed to penetrate through the darkest of souls, the Skylark is a great venue and served these songsters well on the final stop of their Double Trouble Tour.

Once my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit space, I scanned the room for my friends. Spotting them at the bar, I walked toward the front of the room only to look up and see the lithe frame of Chris walking towards me with a contagious grin spread across his face and arms open wide for a hug. Even though we only know each other from online communiqués, I instantly felt like I was reuniting with a long lost friend. Every bit as warm and open as his online persona, Chris is a truly affable soul.

After the friendly greeting, he quickly hurried off to tend to final preparations before taking the stage and I sat down next to my friends at the bar, with Aiden James on the other side of me. Aiden was on the phone when I arrived and beat a courtesy retreat to the back of the room when it was time for the spotlight to be on Chris, so I wasn’t able to say Hi to him right away. Within a few moments, the opening chords of ‘Count the Shadows” filled the small space as Chris opened his set. I am most familiar with his last two albums Never Was and Sad Britney, and had not heard many of the tracks from his freshman offering Race the Light. I was glad his set included older and newer compositions as it allowed me to get a full appreciation of the long journey he has made to that small stage in West Seattle.

In addition to familiar tracks such as “A Little Bit of Blue” (on which he was accompanied by Aiden in a synchronous harmony that belied their still fresh collaboration), “Motel Room”, “Subterranean” and “Over My Head”, the audience was treated to a couple covers of Prince’s “When You Were Mine” (or Cyndi Lauper depending on which decade you were born in!) and Madonna’s “Borderline”. The inspired “Anthem”, written by Chris the day after Prop 8 passed in California, transformed Chris into a modern-day folk singer.

During the Intermission, I had an opportunity to chat with Chris. A naturally friendly, outgoing guy he’s easily approachable and comfortable to be around. Taking a break from the club and getting a breath of fresh air, we chatted like old friends trading notes about life in L.A. and life in Seattle.

His cohort and partner-in-crime for the Double Trouble Tour, Aiden James is just as friendly and easy-going, if more serious and – well, for lack of a better term – moody. But not in that annoying kind of way that makes you want to roll your eyes and slap him up the side of the head. As I have gotten older, I’ve noticed more and more that the things I observe first in others are usually those things that I know to be true about myself but may not necessarily let me them be known right away for fear of appearing vulnerable. It was that vulnerability that I sensed in Aiden almost immediately from the moment I first saw him, sequestered at the end of the bar, deep in conversation on the phone. I could immediately tell that he was a serious person –serious about his craft, passionate about his life’s path; someone who channels his passion into a creative outlet, beautiful music being the output of those efforts. A man with a dream he so desperately wants to realize and in Aiden’s case, he is savvy and motivated enough to make it happen.

To be true, I’ve not taken the time to listen to Aiden’s music as much as I have to Chris. This is in no way a reflection of Aiden. It’s my failing – and my loss - for not making the time. I have heard his track “On the Run” off the album of the same name, and seen the accompanying video, but hearing it live is so much better than through my ear buds or factory stock computer speakers.

As Aiden made his way through his set, I felt connected to him through his soulful, heartfelt lyrics that were so very real they were palpable. Like Chris, he stopped between songs to tell the stories that inspired the tunes, relating life lessons learned throughout his 27 years. It’s always fascinating to hear the stories that inspired the lyrics. “Mifflin Country”, “You and He” and the unreleased “On My Sleeve” created a nexus with the audience that will last long after Aiden returns to his hometown of Philadelphia. His medley homage – humorous and respectful - to Lady Gaga was met with glee from the audience and left people wanting more.

As a writer, I take much inspiration from those who expend a lot of energy creating and putting their wares out there to be listened to and judged by the critical masses. Christopher Dallman and Aiden James are the next generation of indie musicians. They are musical orators who are telling their stories and sharing their journey along the way with those that will stop and listen. For myself, this show was one that will stick out in my mind. I hope that the next time I see them live will come much sooner, rather than later.

Note: Pics by Bounmy Sayasane

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Double-Trouble in San Francisco!

Our bbs, Christopher Dallman and Aiden James kicked off their "Double Trouble Tour" really mischeviously on 23rd March in LA this week.

They then drove northward bound to San Francisco for their 2nd concert date on 25th March.

@calowder (Cheryl) had the pleasure of meeting the two guys at the Dolores Street Cafe performance. Here is her review!

"I had the good fortune to hear Christopher Dallman and Aiden James play their second show for their Double Trouble Tour at the Dolores Street Cafe in San Francisco on Thursday night March 25, 2010.

The Dolores Street Cafe is a beautiful, small cafe right on the edge of Dolores Park. When we arrived, it was still light out and there were a lot of people out enjoying the park. I was greeted by Christopher and Aiden doing their sound check. They were both well prepared and very professional.

Christopher did the first part of the show, with a set of songs from both his albums, plus one from his "Sad Britney" set of Britney Spears covers that is very popular on iTunes. His songs are actually even more powerful in a live show than in his recordings -- the recordings really don't capture the full dynamic range of his great voice and his guitar playing. One of the really nice things about Chris is his very versatile and accomplished guitar technique. He plays a range of guitar styles, from very rhythmic rock to gentle acoustic fingerstyle, and all of them done extremely well! His stories were personal and heartfelt and really added to the performance.

Aiden played the second set. He has a deep, very mellow voice that lends itself extremely well to the songs he has written. Between the songs, he told quite a few great stories. Besides his own compositions, he performed a really great medley of Lady Gaga songs, in his own unique style!

Aiden and Christopher obviously get along extremely well, and one of the great things about the show was that each of them sang on one or two songs in the other's set. The harmony singing really added to several of the songs. They both obviously feel the music deeply and their stories and reflections made the music even more enjoyable.

Finally, as a fan of each of them, I was deeply appreciative of the way that they made sure to make contact with the audience before, during intermission and after the show. I had let them know I was coming and they made me feel very welcome. Christopher was very gracious when I relayed messages from several faraway fans and gave me messages (and hugs) to send back to them. I hope I get the opportunity to see each of them live again. I can honestly say that I am even more a fan of Christopher Dallman that I was before I heard this amazing performance!

Please click to see some photos from the performance here! "

Thanks, Cheryl! (And for getting me that Christopher-hug too! ;) )

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Video: This is Calm by Christopher Dallman

Did you know? Christopher Dallman and Kevin R. Thompson also produced a video to Christopher`s song "This is Calm" from his album "Race the Light". Enjoy..

This is Calm from Kevin Thompson on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Get To Know Kevin R Thompson

In connection to the exciting release of Chris Dallman's "Ghosts" video, we would like to introduce you to Kevin Remón Thompson - the music director of the video.

If you are not already aware, Kevin has previously directed two Chris' music videos - namely "Over My Head" and "This is Calm".

Like a curious child, we got to know Kevin a little more by asking him about his work and how he got to know Chris Dallman.

CDC: When did you first realize that you were meant to be a film-maker?

I've always enjoyed creative work, whether it was writing or music, but I never thought I could do something like that as a living. But when I lived in New York, circumstances conspired to introduce me to film-making in a very concrete way. A friend wrote a script and my roommate was a filmmaker, so we put this thing together. It was a pretty flawed piece of work, but I immediately felt so attracted to the combination of creativity, organization and spontaneity that goes into making a film. So I decided I had to do it.

A few years later I was in LA in the graduate production program at USC. I don't know if there was something specific that made me realize that I was meant to be a filmmaker, but I do know that whatever doubts I have about my career get erased when I make something. I love the process so much, even the tedious parts, that I know it's a really good fit for me.

CDC: How many different countries have you lived in? Have your experiences living abroad influenced your film-making in any way?

I've lived in 3 different countries (not including the U.S.) and visited a bunch of others. I lived in Rome for a year when I was 12, and I spent a year in Madrid before going to film school. I also spent an amazing 4 weeks in Amman, Jordan, in 2006 teaching at a Digital Film-making workshop. Obviously, this last journey was the most specifically related to film-making, because I was in a film school-type environment. More than anything, the time in Amman re-energized my love of film-making because I got to be with these kids who had minimal film knowledge, but tons of passion and good will. It was inspiring.

The year I spent in Rome when I was 12, though, is probably the most singularly influential event in my life. My parents thought it would be beneficial to toss me into an Italian public school instead of one of these Americans abroad foreign schools. The first day in that place was the scariest day of my life. But boy, did it teach me how to confront fears, take a deep breath and jump in.

To be honest, I don't remember much about the first month. My concrete memories start later, when I was already speaking Italian fluently and hanging out with my friends. I'm sure it was an amazing thing for my parents to watch. I think throwing myself into that uncertainty primed me for making more of those kinds of choices in life, including the decision to pursue film-making as a career.

CDC: What kind of stories are you particularly interesting in telling?

This is such a hard question because it forces you to step outside yourself for some analysis. It would be facetious of me to say I'm interested in telling the stories that come to me, except for that fact that that's the best way I know how to describe what moves me. A lot of my inspiration comes for little moments in life that just catch my attention for some reason. I think I'm given to melodrama and tragedy, which sometimes bothers me because I enjoy comedy so much. I've been trying to take stories less seriously these days. It's always so valuable to find the comedy in any moment, even when it's a serious or tragic one.

CDC: Is there someone who continually inspires you to push that notch a little higher with regards to your work?

I've been pushed by so many different people that it's hard to single one out. The question, though, makes me think of the moments during the film-making process when I feel like I might be satisfied, and then I decide that it's not enough and that I need to push myself further. That's usually the way it works, but I'd say if I had to pick someone it would be my wife, Alice. She has a way of motivating me without me realizing it. It's a very nice kind of motivation because it makes me feel like I was the one who pushed myself.

CDC: "The Orchard" looked like a very pretty movie. Where was it actually filmed, and were there any interesting on-set stories that arose from the filming?

We looked all over Southern California, searching for a place that would authentically portray rural Andalusia. Having spent considerable time in Spain, I knew what I was looking for, and it was hard. We drove all around and ended up finding this wonderful old Spanish mission in Lompoc, CA. It was amazingly well preserved and I knew that we have found our spot.

The Orchard trailer from Kevin Thompson on Vimeo.

CDC: Was there a tricky or difficult scene to shoot for "The Orchard"?

Some of the scenes were difficult because they weren't working well on camera, and those ended up getting cut out of the film. But I'd say that the most difficult scene was the bedroom scene between Joshua Pohja and Joseph Lemieux. The scene was difficult in a good way, in that it was challenging both for me as well as the actors. I relied heavily on them and their faith in the project to really achieve the authenticity of that scene. We did a lot of takes, and I never felt like they were giving anything less than their all.

CDC: Pls share with us on how you got to know Chris Dallman?

I met Chris through one of his best friends, who happens to be my wife's cousin. I actually worked with Josh Pohja, Chris' husband, first on a film school project. But I knew Chris was a musician and the first time I heard him perform live I was blown away by the power of his presence. I knew he was someone I wanted to work with, and it was such a wonderful bonus that he's such a fun person to hang out with.

CDC: How did the concept of Chris Dallman's "Ghosts" music video come about?

Chris came to me with the idea of doing a video in black and white for "Ghosts". I instantly felt the connection with that particular song. Something about the abstract feel of black and white fit the music, especially since neither Chris nor I wanted to do anything literal. After that, we bounced ideas around and I went through my usual process of listening to the song over and over and jotting down images and ideas. The use of silhouettes and extras and even the 2.35:1 aspect ratio of the video all came so naturally from listening to the song, that I knew they would work really well.

CDC: Were there any special considerations that you had to take while filming this music video?

I knew I wanted to composite multiple shots together, so we had to make sure in the silhouette section, for example, that Chris didn't overlap his three different positions. That was challenging because I had to estimate where he would be in the other positions. Also, the shot with the extras working in fast motion while Chris was singing at normal speed had to be carefully set up so they didn't cross behind Chris. I had to put down a piece of tape so they would know where to stop. You can see it in the video, running across the floor.

CDC: Did the finished product for the "Ghosts" video differ from the original concept in any way?

So often my projects end up looking different than I originally imagined. Most of the time, though, the feel of them is consistent. The "Ghosts" video was the first project where the final product looked and felt almost exactly how I envisioned it. I knew it would be this way as soon as I started looking at the footage. The editing was quick and easy because the pieces just fit together so well.

CDC: Are there talks between you and Chris Dallman for another music video?

We haven't spoken specifically about any new projects, although we did toss some ideas around for a simple video for "Anthem". I think I'll always be ready to make a Chris Dallman video. I respond so strongly to his work, and so the ideas for videos come easily. I'm looking forward to our next project, whatever it may be.

CDC: What other projects are you working on currently? Tell us a little about them.

I just finished another music video for my good friend Sandeep Bhatt (, where we built the interior of a spaceship inside my garage. Sandeep's music is this cool blend of funk/soul, electronica, and his own unique mix of influences. It's coming out soon and I'm very excited about it.

I was also one of the producers on this really nice short, "A Crossroad Called Manzanar", ( written by Alice Kim and Cindy Fang and directed by Cindy. It centers around the friendship between a Chinese-American girl and a Japanese-American girl during WWII, at the time of the Japanese internment. It's also coming out soon.

Thanks, Kevin -- for taking the time to answer our questions!

You can find out more about Kevin R Thompson and his various interesting projects at his website -

(@syzzlyn for the CDC)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Exclusive: Interview with Christopher Dallman about his new video "Ghosts"

Today Christopher Dallman releases his new video for his song “Ghosts” from the EP “Never Was” (watch it here). We sent him a few questions around the production of the video and Christopher was kind enough to answer them although he is pretty busy with preparations for his upcoming Double Trouble Tour with Aiden James.
Make sure to check back this site tomorrow and on Wednesday for more interesting stuff :-).

CDC: "Why did you choose to do a video clip specifically for Ghosts?"

'Ghosts' is my favorite song on NEVER WAS. Plain and simple. I don't get tired of listening to it and I can't really say that for almost any of my other tunes. And while it's dark, I think it's the catchiest and most immediate song on NEVER WAS.

CDC: "Can you tell us a little bit about the concept? Who is the director?"

The director of the video is Kevin Thompson. Kevin and I have been friends for about 6 years and we've now made 3 videos together. I'm really comfortable with him and comfort is essential whenever there is a camera involved.
We decided right away that to tell a literal story in the video would be too much. The song is intensely emotional and to recreate any of the concrete images of the lyrics would probably go over the top. The concept was really to create a vibe and mood that supports or complements the emotional journey of the song.

CDC: "We know you did a little casting for the video. Have you ever done this before? How many people showed up and what were you looking for?"

Casting the video was really strange. I had never done anything like it before and I had no idea what I was looking for. In true CJD form, I waited until the last minute, so I didn't have the chance to meet any of them in advance... I just cast them from their pictures. Ultimately, I got 7 interesting faces and it was the right 7. When they first arrived onset, they were all really shy. Frankly, I was too! But they bonded really quickly and seemed to have a great time on the shoot. I hope they like the video.

CDC: "Are you satisfied with the outcome?"

I really am. I think the video finds and illustrates the uplifting side of the song. I think the images are strong. I like the way the guitar is captured. I like that unlike most music videos that are made now, most of the edits are not crazy quick like a video game, so the emotion comes from the performances that the space allows.
And I'm just really proud of Kevin. It's been so cool to work with him several times over the last few years and watch him keep getting better and better at his craft.

When I first met with him about doing this song, the only thing that I said was that I wanted it to be in black and white. He really created the rest and each time I watch it, I find a little bit more. And I love that it's so different from the other video we did together.

CDC: "Did anything funny or strange happen during the video shoot?"

The shoot itself was short and smooth. But it was raining like crazy that weekend. Rare for Los Angeles. I think it helped. We were all damp and cold in our bones!

CDC: "Where can we watch your new clip?"

It will be on my website ( / and also on my YouTube page (

CDC: "Are you going to do another video clip?"

Right now, I have plans to do a video for 'Gimme More' from SAD BRITNEY with a director named Derek Woods. It's still in the pre-production stage but I'm pretty excited about it. It's a really cool idea with some really amazing visuals. I don't want to say any more. You're gonna have to wait to see it.

CDC: "Again - thank you very much, Chris, for taking the time to answer our questions. We really appreciate it. Now everybody go and watch his new video. Spread the word!"

Friday, February 26, 2010

Double Trouble - tour poster

Check out this new poster for Aiden James and Christopher Dallman`s upcoming Double Trouble Tour. Looks gorgeous!

Monday, February 15, 2010

BEHOLD! The Power of Twitter!

CDC member EliOK recently published an article about Christopher Dallman and the power of social networking on her blog

Thank you so much for letting us publish your article on the CDC blog, Eli :-)

BEHOLD! The Power of Twitter!

An amazing thing has happened in the world of social networking.
Zachary Quinto – actor, animal-lover and music aficionado - introduced to his own fans via his Twitter account a remarkable musician by the name of Christopher Dallman. Based in L.A. Chris is not your typical run of the mill “guy-with-a-guitar” indie musician. His lyrics are soulful, heartfelt and thought-provoking. He hits to the very core with an intensity and oftentimes humor that resonates with the listener and draws them into his world, identifying with the pain of coming into one’s own and the bittersweet sense of self that comes only with maturity and acceptance of a less than ideal world.

Like Zachary, Chris also uses Twitter to keep in touch with fans for professional reasons. Unlike Zachary, Chris takes it to the next level: comingling his personal and professional lives in one place which allows him to develop more of a direct connection to his fanbase and friends. (This is by no means a criticism of Zachary, who has attained a level of celebrity that requires he keep a safe distance in order to preserve some amount of sanity and calm in his life).

In any event, as a follower of Chris’, I feel that through Twitter I have come to know this talented musician in such a way that - dare I say - I can call him a friend: at least in a guarded, virtual sense. My “friend” has another fan/friend for whom he just did something quite brilliant. Something so altruistic and kind, not to mention a sheer stroke of marketing genius that it blows the mind. He used Twitter and Facebook to promote a benefit concert on behalf of a woman stricken with MS; a victim of our current politically-charged and practically non-existent healthcare system. The woman did not have insurance to cover the cost of the medication that would slow the progression of her chronic illness, specifically the deterioration of her brain.

Touched by her story, Chris brought together three of his fellow indie musicians for a benefit concert, with an eye to raise at least part of the $6000 it would take to cover a one year supply of medication. As Chris stated at the outset “I don’t expect to raise close to $6000 at the concert alone. $6000 is a lot for one person, but $1 from 6000 people sounds like something we can achieve!”

Indeed, he put the word out at the end of January via his various online portals – Twitter, Facebook, his own website. Through his efforts, and the efforts of his fans and followers (many of whom were brought to him by Zachary), Chris raised over $1000 within the first few days. In a massive effort to aid the object of their admiration achieve his goal and to help out a fellow human, his fans and friends retweeted, reposted, texted, forwarded and passed along the word via their own online portals and mobile devices. On Zachary’s community forum alone, I counted no less than a couple dozen different reminders to the community’s 2000+ members to donate or pay it forward by passing along the good word. Like a tsunami, word spread. By the time the event rolled around a couple weeks later, Chris had nearly the entire amount of money raised – BEFORE ticket sales.

A remarkable feat for a guy with a guitar. And a Twitter account.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Christopher Dallman live performance at Benefit for Jennifer

So....the benefit concert for Jennifer to raise 6000$ for her MS medicin went very well. Actually 6700$ were raised. There are still good people on this planet. A huge "thank you" to everyone who donated or promoted the concert.

Read more about the benefit concert on Chrisstopher Dallman`s blog:

Below you can watch Chris sing "Right on Time" and "Subterranean" live at the benefit concert.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

short documentary on Christopher Dallman by Sarah Kurian

Interview - Christopher Dallman talks about Never Was and Sad Britney

Chris did an interview for rainbowworldradio yesterday. He talked about his EP never Was and Sad Britney, his benefit concert for Jennifer and his upcoming tour with Aiden James. If you missed the interview listen to it here:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

live - Christopher Dallman sings GHOST from his EP Never Was

This weekend Christopher Dallman is going to shoot a new video for Ghost - one of his songs from his EP Never Was. Watch his live performance of Ghost at Dennis Hensley's VILLAGE VARIETY PACK in this clip:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Benefit for Jennifer – Music for MS

Chris Dallman and some of his friends - Syd, Keeley Valentino, and George Stanford - have organized a benefit concert for Jennifer - a girl who has multiple scleroris and lost her health insurance. She needs 6000$ to pay for a medicine that slows down the deterioration of the brain.

Please help and visit the benefit concert and/or donate a little money:

Spread the word! Post this on your Facebook wall, Tweet it to your followers and ask them to retweet. Together, we can make this happen!

Benefit Concert
A Benefit for Jennifer – Music for MS
  • featuring Christopher Dallman, George Stanford, Keeley Valentino, and Syd
  • Molly Malone’s, 575 S Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA - Feb 10th

Monday, January 11, 2010

We want your reports! :-)

If you have been to a Chris Dallman concert we would like to know about your experience. Did you  like it? What happened? How was the atmosphere?

Send us your report ( and we will publish it on this website.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Get our CDC wallpaper

Get our CDC wallpaper. Just klick at the picture to enlarge and save it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Watch Chris Dallman live on stage - Tourdates

8:00pm Thursday, January 14
Genghis Cohen $7
740 N Fairfax Los Angeles, CA

TBA Monday, January 25
Village Variety Pack
LAGLC Los Angeles, CA

Wednesday February 10
Molly Malones
575 S Fairfax Los Angeles, CA

8:00pm Tuesday March 23
Room 5 Lounge – Double Trouble Tour w/ Aiden James
143 N La Brea (Above Amalfi) LA, CA

7:00pm Thursday March 25
Dolores Park Cafe – Double Trouble Tour w/ Aiden James
501 Dolores St. San Francisco, CA

7:00pm Saturday March 27
Alberta St. Pub – Double Trouble Tour w/ Aiden James
1036 NE Alberta St. Portland, OR

June 12-13 2010
Milwaukee Pridefest
Milwaukee, WI

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chris Dallman live @Genghis, L.A.

Chris Dallman announced his first show of 2010. Your chance to see the man live on stage!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time: 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Genghis Cohen, L.A.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and ....I need help :-)

Happy New Year :-D! I hope everybody had a great night.

If you wonder why my English is so crappy: that`s because English is not my mothertongue. That`s also why I`d be happy to get a co-author for this blog. If you would like to join me message me ( or contact me on Twitter (@dasWuslon).

By the can now comment on blogposts without having an account.