Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Show Dates!

For those who are eager to watch Christopher Dallman live, he is having more show dates on August 30th and in the September!!

Here is the list:

August 30, 2010
9pm Monday
Shuga’s – 702 S Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO

September 27, 2010
8pm Monday
Show at BarreBirthday Show with Aiden James! – 1714 N Vermont
Los Angeles, CA

September 30, 2010
8pm Thursday
Dolores Park Cafe – w/ Aiden James! – 501 Dolores St.
San Francisco, CA

So if you are able to make it, go give your support to Christopher Dallman! You won't regret spending the time!

And .... the CDC connection would also love to receive fan photos, videos and reports from you if you are able to attend these shows!!! Tweet @syzzlyn, @DasWuslon or @EliOK for more information.

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