Friday, April 15, 2011

Video - Has Been (Live)

Not long after the video preview of a new song was released on Facebook, Christopher Dallman couldn't help spoiling his fans one more time.

A live version of the soulful song "Has Been" was uploaded on his YouTube channel! Personally, I think Christopher's performance, from the same show at Room 5, is near perfect.

Check it out!

This is one of my favouritest songs, after "Ghosts" ... And I am so in love with the wistful yet honest lyrics.

I've listened to this song so many times and haven't got tired of it yet.

What about you?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Video Preview - Another New Song!

Christopher Dallman just loves spoiling his fans. ;)

This week, he uploaded a live version of a new song "Light the Love" which he played at a recent show at Room 5 in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Christopher confirms that the song will be in his new album, which will be released soon!

It's a real sultry song with a nice groove to it. Check out the video here!

Then, let Christopher and us know what you think of this new song!
Or just help to spread the song/ video around!