Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More CJD Videos In The Works!

You've heard it right...

Christopher Dallman is working on two more music videos!! Both with friend Christie Strong (aka @strongfeatures) behind the camera.

Just yesterday, Christopher, Joshua and Christie drove into the desert to take some shots for the "Subterranean" video. The shoot seemed to have gone really well.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christopher Dallman Interview - "Gimme More" Video Shoot

Not only did CDC manage to get hold of Derek Woods - the director of the new "Gimme More" video - we also managed to steal some time from Christopher Dallman himself!

Christopher shares about how he met director Derek Woods and tells us some tidbits about the "Gimme More" video shoot.

CDC: What made you decide on working with Derek Woods for the the "Gimme More" video ?
Christopher: My good friend Elizabeth Uhl used to work with Derek's manager. When I released "Sad Britney" over a year ago, she sent him the record and he told her he had a client who might be a good fit to direct a video for one of the songs. So, she sent me to Derek's website and I watched his directors reel. I dug his visual style right away.

Liz set up a meeting and we had coffee one afternoon. We got along really well right off the bat. He explained his vision for the video and it sounded really good to me. He didn't sell me on a story so much as a visual scheme, and it felt like a really good 'next thing' for me.