Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Show Dates!

For those who are eager to watch Christopher Dallman live, he is having more show dates on August 30th and in the September!!

Here is the list:

August 30, 2010
9pm Monday
Shuga’s – 702 S Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO

September 27, 2010
8pm Monday
Show at BarreBirthday Show with Aiden James! – 1714 N Vermont
Los Angeles, CA

September 30, 2010
8pm Thursday
Dolores Park Cafe – w/ Aiden James! – 501 Dolores St.
San Francisco, CA

So if you are able to make it, go give your support to Christopher Dallman! You won't regret spending the time!

And .... the CDC connection would also love to receive fan photos, videos and reports from you if you are able to attend these shows!!! Tweet @syzzlyn, @DasWuslon or @EliOK for more information.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Luminous LA Night With Christopher Dallman

When a few of us were deciding to hang out in LA before heading to San Diego for Comic Con, I asked Christopher if he would be doing a live performance around that weekend... could he, would he?? pretty please?? :)

Somehow, Christopher managed to book for a show at the Hotel Cafe in LA on 19th July. When he announced it, we were sooooo excited!!

It has been almost a month since but I still remember that special night quite well!

On that Monday, @eserei27, @HardlyanAngel, @_mriel and me had a full fun day. We went to visit the WB studio and then spent time at two beaches (Venice/ Santa Monica) before rushing back to meet @nhousey at our hotel.

With a super-quick get-ready routine, @HardlyanAngel picked @_mriel and me up half an hour later at our hotel - with just about 15 min to spare for Christopher's gig. @eserei27 and @nhousey left the hotel some minutes later in a separate car.

We arrived at the venue in good time and there was another band still playing. Somehow in the dark, we spotted our other friends who have also arrived - @tallchlck and @afreshPOV and said hello them. As we were standing there waiting for the band to end their performance, @_mriel called my name. I spun around and she beckoned to Christopher who had just emerged from the venue's "office" and was standing behind her!

Christopher had a big friendly smile on his face and we gave each other a BIG hug - both of us saying that it was great to finally see each other in person! He was in a hurry, however... as it was his time to do a quick sound-check. So, he made some quick long strides towards the stage.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New "Gimme More" video in the works!

Earlier this year, Christopher had mentioned about plans to film a more professional "Gimme More" music video. However, the filming had somehow been delayed.

The video was finally recorded yesterday on 1 August at a nightclub in Newport Beach.

And get this ... Christopher was wearing a tuxedo during the shoot! WOOHOO!

Based on pics tweeted by Christopher, there also appears to be a piano involved.

The video is directed by Derek Woods. You can take a peek of Derek's style from his director's reel on his website. From what I saw from the reel, the clip looks noir-ish, gritty and a tad frantic.

So, I am curious about how Derek's style will carry through to Christopher's version of "Gimme More". I think it would be a very interesting piece of work. Don't you think?

To add another promotional boost -- Christopher's first live EP "Live in LA" will be released on Bandcamp on Tuesday, 3rd August! Remember to get a digital copy!