Monday, August 2, 2010

New "Gimme More" video in the works!

Earlier this year, Christopher had mentioned about plans to film a more professional "Gimme More" music video. However, the filming had somehow been delayed.

The video was finally recorded yesterday on 1 August at a nightclub in Newport Beach.

And get this ... Christopher was wearing a tuxedo during the shoot! WOOHOO!

Based on pics tweeted by Christopher, there also appears to be a piano involved.

The video is directed by Derek Woods. You can take a peek of Derek's style from his director's reel on his website. From what I saw from the reel, the clip looks noir-ish, gritty and a tad frantic.

So, I am curious about how Derek's style will carry through to Christopher's version of "Gimme More". I think it would be a very interesting piece of work. Don't you think?

To add another promotional boost -- Christopher's first live EP "Live in LA" will be released on Bandcamp on Tuesday, 3rd August! Remember to get a digital copy!

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