Monday, June 14, 2010

Rockin' It in Chicago!

Quite a few fans were thrilled when Christopher made his way to Chicago for a live performance just a few days ago on June 11th! The show was held at Uncommon Ground DEVON with another indie musician, Rachael Sage.

Olayinka (@omhassan7) was there for the performance and here is her review!

"As I rocked a white summer dress with cream chucks in the hot Chicago weather. I waited patiently to hear Chris Dallman perform. For months I wondered would Chris be able to come to Chicago despite the fact he has a busy schedule? I wondered and waited to hear his response on playing in Chicago. Patience proved to be a virtue as Chris tweeted that he would be performing on June 11, 2010 in Chicago. He stated that he would be opening for the talented recording artist Rachael Sage. I screamed "yeah" and told my brothers and friends that the very talented Chris Dallman was coming to town.

As the night approached, I was overwhelmed with excitement because I knew that I would be graced with an angelic voice. I invited a good friend of mine and I told her to be prepared to be swooned by Chris's voice. We approached the venue and saw it was a full house. The hostess asked for my reservation name and sat us right in front of the stage. The room was filled with Chris's family and friends. Before I could say "where is Chris?" Chris approached me and said "I recognize you!" He welcomed me with a great big bear hug. I was sold. I tried not to blush but I knew I was going to witness the best live performance in my life.

When Chris approached the stage, I smiled and became very excited to hear him perform live for the first time. Chris is an amazing performer. His voice blew me away. I sat there in a daze as I listened to Chris perform hits such as "Gimme More" and "Over My Head". Chris also made my heart melt as he sang "Hard to Breathe" and "Right On Time". At this point, I knew I was blessed to hear Chris sing. Chris is so gifted. He showed us his different guitar skills and it was evident that Chris is a great singer/songwriter. My friend whispered to me "He's a fantastic performer. I'm about to cry."

Chris Dallman is such a sincere and genuine person. I was touched by his talent and love for music. He's a phenomenal performer. I was also blown away by how funny he was. He knew how to make the crowd laugh while entertaining and gracing us with his music. I had the pleasure of talking to him after the show and we talked as if we were long time friends from high school. Two thumbs up to Chris. I'll fly anywhere to see him perform again. Thanks Chris!"

(Pics taken by @omhassan7)

Now... @syzzlyn really can't wait to be at the Hotel Cafe, LA on 19th July. The Island Diva from Singapore WILL be THERE! :D