Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Christopher and Keeley in San Francisco!

Here's another fan report of Christopher's live performance when he returned to San Francisco earlier this month!!!

I'll let Cheryl describe that night's events in her own words! :)

Fan Report by Cheryl (@calowder)
Last week Christopher Dallman returned for another wonderful show on May 7, 2010 at the Dolores Park Café in San Francisco. It was a windy and cool Friday night but there was still an enthusiastic crowd ready to hear some great music. I was greeted by a smiling Chris when I walked in the door!!!

The show was opened by Keeley Valentino, a singer/songwriter from L.A. that came up with Christopher for the show. She has a strong voice, complemented well by her guitar playing. Many of her songs are about love and the heartbreak that comes with it, but the one song that really had an impact was "Paper Dolls," a beautiful song about her memories of growing up with her brother. She is very talented, and many friends of hers (she is a Bay Area native) showed up to support her!

Christopher then took over and performed his songs with his usual great skill and style. Besides his great cover of "Gimme More", he did all original songs of his own, including one that he recently wrote, "Right On Time." Along with his amazing vocals, he showed his usual skill on the guitar, playing in a range of guitar styles and fitting them perfectly to different songs. I always enjoy hearing "Anthem" and "Ghosts." There were definitely a few fans very familiar with his songs who enthusiastically greeted favorite tunes. The audience listened attentively to his stories especially those describing how and why the songs came about. We were also treated to some fun stories about the trip from LA (the state of California evidently wants him to balance the budget through tickets).

I got the chance to talk to Christopher after the show and enjoyed hearing about his recent and successful trip to New York. He had a concert and sang at a friend's wedding. He obviously loves New York and I wonder if Los Angeles will lose this talented artist to the East Coast!! As usual, I gave greetings from several of his worldwide friends and he was genuinely touched. Chris writes and performs music because he truly enjoys it and I hope he will continue to reward us with his musical gifts for a long time!! He is not only talented but a genuinely nice person. I wish all his fans could enjoy seeing him performing live.

Even though the café was closed and the staff was cleaning the kitchen, I noticed that people lingered to talk to Christopher, Keeley and each other. Many of us did not want to leave! It was really an enjoyable evening. What a treat to be able to hear artists in intimate settings where you can really absorb the full power of their music.

Click here for pictures of Christopher and Keeley in concert:

And for a video of Christopher from this concert:
(Thanks Doug!)

If you are interested to know more about Keeley Valentino, this is the link to her website - http://www.keeleyvalentino.com/

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