Friday, May 14, 2010

Christopher in NYC... plus a new gig date!

(pic by Persephone)

Christopher Dallman 'went home' recently --- he was back in NYC where he had stayed for many years - for a live performance at the Rockwood Music Hall.

Coincidentally, neu-Spock Zachary Quinto was also jaunting around the city at the same time and we have reports that he and Corey Moosa had attended Christopher's gig, in support of their good friend!

Persephone (@theentwyfe) was one of the fortunate CJD fans to be there at the same show. She has her own blog post about Christopher's performance and you can read it....


She also has another blog post with pics from the show! Click here to see them!

Another blog writer and CJD fan @hrstump attended the show as well. His review of Christopher's performance is up online too! Click here for the post!

This week, Christopher has announced a new show date on 19th July in LA!

And guess WHAT?! As this is happening a few days before San Diego Comic Con, a bunch of us will be there at the show too! My friend @_mriel and I will be flying in from Singapore to LA the weekend prior. We can't wait!!!

So if you want to come party with us, see you at the Hotel Cafe!
-- w0000t!!! -- \(^ ^)/

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