Saturday, November 20, 2010

MTV Rising For "Ghosts"!

Last Week, Christopher Dallman's music video "Ghosts" debuted at Top 100!

From a humble #47 spot, it quickly rose to #25 within a day! CJD's fans got win of this awesome news and chipped in to spread the news in any way they could.

The "Ghosts" video rose quickly within a few hours. More folks who frequent also got wind of this wonderful and beautifully directed video by Kevin R Thompson. And so, it didn't stop just there, the video passed the Top 20, surpassing even Pink, Willow and Bruno Mars, and finally, reached it's peak at #2 the same day!! It even whizzed past Katy Perry!!!

A surreal achievement for an ethereal song!

For the week, the video stayed at the #4 spot. The CDC is sure that you can keep spreading the word to your friends to watch the lovely "Ghosts" video.

And as a special freebie to fans, email Christopher at and he will send you two music tracks - a demo of "A Little Bit of Blue" and a live audio of "Ghosts"! Available for a limited time only, so hurry!

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