Saturday, March 27, 2010

Double-Trouble in San Francisco!

Our bbs, Christopher Dallman and Aiden James kicked off their "Double Trouble Tour" really mischeviously on 23rd March in LA this week.

They then drove northward bound to San Francisco for their 2nd concert date on 25th March.

@calowder (Cheryl) had the pleasure of meeting the two guys at the Dolores Street Cafe performance. Here is her review!

"I had the good fortune to hear Christopher Dallman and Aiden James play their second show for their Double Trouble Tour at the Dolores Street Cafe in San Francisco on Thursday night March 25, 2010.

The Dolores Street Cafe is a beautiful, small cafe right on the edge of Dolores Park. When we arrived, it was still light out and there were a lot of people out enjoying the park. I was greeted by Christopher and Aiden doing their sound check. They were both well prepared and very professional.

Christopher did the first part of the show, with a set of songs from both his albums, plus one from his "Sad Britney" set of Britney Spears covers that is very popular on iTunes. His songs are actually even more powerful in a live show than in his recordings -- the recordings really don't capture the full dynamic range of his great voice and his guitar playing. One of the really nice things about Chris is his very versatile and accomplished guitar technique. He plays a range of guitar styles, from very rhythmic rock to gentle acoustic fingerstyle, and all of them done extremely well! His stories were personal and heartfelt and really added to the performance.

Aiden played the second set. He has a deep, very mellow voice that lends itself extremely well to the songs he has written. Between the songs, he told quite a few great stories. Besides his own compositions, he performed a really great medley of Lady Gaga songs, in his own unique style!

Aiden and Christopher obviously get along extremely well, and one of the great things about the show was that each of them sang on one or two songs in the other's set. The harmony singing really added to several of the songs. They both obviously feel the music deeply and their stories and reflections made the music even more enjoyable.

Finally, as a fan of each of them, I was deeply appreciative of the way that they made sure to make contact with the audience before, during intermission and after the show. I had let them know I was coming and they made me feel very welcome. Christopher was very gracious when I relayed messages from several faraway fans and gave me messages (and hugs) to send back to them. I hope I get the opportunity to see each of them live again. I can honestly say that I am even more a fan of Christopher Dallman that I was before I heard this amazing performance!

Please click to see some photos from the performance here! "

Thanks, Cheryl! (And for getting me that Christopher-hug too! ;) )

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