Monday, March 1, 2010

Exclusive: Interview with Christopher Dallman about his new video "Ghosts"

Today Christopher Dallman releases his new video for his song “Ghosts” from the EP “Never Was” (watch it here). We sent him a few questions around the production of the video and Christopher was kind enough to answer them although he is pretty busy with preparations for his upcoming Double Trouble Tour with Aiden James.
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CDC: "Why did you choose to do a video clip specifically for Ghosts?"

'Ghosts' is my favorite song on NEVER WAS. Plain and simple. I don't get tired of listening to it and I can't really say that for almost any of my other tunes. And while it's dark, I think it's the catchiest and most immediate song on NEVER WAS.

CDC: "Can you tell us a little bit about the concept? Who is the director?"

The director of the video is Kevin Thompson. Kevin and I have been friends for about 6 years and we've now made 3 videos together. I'm really comfortable with him and comfort is essential whenever there is a camera involved.
We decided right away that to tell a literal story in the video would be too much. The song is intensely emotional and to recreate any of the concrete images of the lyrics would probably go over the top. The concept was really to create a vibe and mood that supports or complements the emotional journey of the song.

CDC: "We know you did a little casting for the video. Have you ever done this before? How many people showed up and what were you looking for?"

Casting the video was really strange. I had never done anything like it before and I had no idea what I was looking for. In true CJD form, I waited until the last minute, so I didn't have the chance to meet any of them in advance... I just cast them from their pictures. Ultimately, I got 7 interesting faces and it was the right 7. When they first arrived onset, they were all really shy. Frankly, I was too! But they bonded really quickly and seemed to have a great time on the shoot. I hope they like the video.

CDC: "Are you satisfied with the outcome?"

I really am. I think the video finds and illustrates the uplifting side of the song. I think the images are strong. I like the way the guitar is captured. I like that unlike most music videos that are made now, most of the edits are not crazy quick like a video game, so the emotion comes from the performances that the space allows.
And I'm just really proud of Kevin. It's been so cool to work with him several times over the last few years and watch him keep getting better and better at his craft.

When I first met with him about doing this song, the only thing that I said was that I wanted it to be in black and white. He really created the rest and each time I watch it, I find a little bit more. And I love that it's so different from the other video we did together.

CDC: "Did anything funny or strange happen during the video shoot?"

The shoot itself was short and smooth. But it was raining like crazy that weekend. Rare for Los Angeles. I think it helped. We were all damp and cold in our bones!

CDC: "Where can we watch your new clip?"

It will be on my website ( / and also on my YouTube page (

CDC: "Are you going to do another video clip?"

Right now, I have plans to do a video for 'Gimme More' from SAD BRITNEY with a director named Derek Woods. It's still in the pre-production stage but I'm pretty excited about it. It's a really cool idea with some really amazing visuals. I don't want to say any more. You're gonna have to wait to see it.

CDC: "Again - thank you very much, Chris, for taking the time to answer our questions. We really appreciate it. Now everybody go and watch his new video. Spread the word!"

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  1. such a beautiful man.... such beautiful music.... what more can I say?