Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Barre-ing the CJD Heat To Party Down in LA

A bunch of folks attended Christopher Dallman's "birthday celebration" performance with special guest Aiden James at Show at Barre on the last Monday of September. That day turned out to be one of the Hottest day in LA with a high of 113F in downtown LA. Was this 'coz fans were turning up the heat in anticipation of seeing Christopher perform live in a very nice shirt? ;)

Embracing the record-breaking hotness, my good friend Chelle aka @HardlyanAngel was there to party with the best of them! Here is her fan report:

On September 27th Christopher Dallman performed at Show at Barre on N Vermont in LA. It was his last show in LA for the year so it was a treat to see live.

The opener was Philadelphia native, Aiden James who flew in for the show to play an acoustic set.

Between talking about his flight from Philly to LA via Virgin Air and joking about how he was able to chat up the flight attendants for free stuff, he played a set which was beautifully well done. His voice and the music was enough to keep the packed crowd entertained for the hour until Chris's set came up.

After Aiden's set, Chris headed up to the stage and I was able to get into the front of the stage for a better view. He started off by mentioning that this show was kinda like a birthday celebration (his birthday was Sept 23rd) and jokingly said that if anyone bought him a drink, that he wouldn't mind. LOL.

He then started his set and kept everyone's attention till the very end. Songs like "Driving To You", "Ghosts", and "Subterranean" were played along with newer songs from his upcoming album which comes out in 2011. There was a point when Aiden also came up on stage to do join Chris with background vocals for "Ghosts" and Aiden even used his cell phone for some of the music.

Chris also included cover songs by Britney Spears and Michael Jackson - which he specially dedicated to an English girl in the UK who had no appreciation for his rendition of Michael Jackson's song. Finally after a boisterous applause, he encored the show to Madonna's "Borderline".

After the show, I was able to speak to him for a couple moments and buy his album "Race The Light". I told him that this show was better than the first one I saw of him and I planned on seeing him at future shows. Then, I bid him goodnight as I had walked down the street for the show and was on my way.

In retrospect, this was the second time I had the pleasure of seeing Chris live. Before I had never heard of his music and now that I have, I plan on following his music more. His voice, lyrics, and music are very compelling and likeable. And in person, I found him to be a very sweet, articulate, talented guy. I wish him the very best in future endeavors.

Here's an edited short vid clip of Chris performing "Mistake" at the Barre:

Thanks to the lovely @HardlyanAngel for the report, pics and vid!

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  1. So sorry I missed Double Trouble yet again - I certainly hope those two figure out a way to play together on the East Coast! Thanks for the report, and the clip - I too love Chris' music, and can't wait to hear to new music to my iPod, since everything else he has recorded is already there waiting!