Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holiday Wishes!

On behalf of the CDC,
A Happy Merry Holidays greetings to our bb, Christopher Dallman, Josh Pohja and family.

And the same goes out to all the CDC members, and many many other CJD fans out there who love + support him and his music.

Also, check out Howard Stump's marvellous Soundtrack of the Day music blog, and his most latest, sweet post on Christopher - "Visit Christopher Dallman for the Holidays".

A new CJD album, produced by George Stanford, is targeted for release in 2011. And I know we are all eager to celebrate the premiere of an official version of "Gimme Me More" music video from the "Sad Britney" EP. (To the newbies, yes - it's a cover of *that* Britney Spears song. Go to Christopher's website and buy/ download it!)

Christopher is also planning a USA Summer tour in 2011. Demand for Christopher to play in your town! ;) Click this page on FB for your request!

Here's wishing that 2011 will bring even more good things for Christopher and all of us!


Note: If you want your name listed on the CDC blog page, just tweet any of us -- @dasWuslon @EliOK @syzzlyn

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