Saturday, February 25, 2012

How "Toxic" Is This Christopher Dallman Video?

Quite awhile ago, there was a song called "Toxic" by pop icon Britney Spears. That was before she got deep into toxic things herself and had a semi-emotional, over-publicized head-shaving episode.

Then, some years later, indie musician Christopher Dallman decided to take his own sadder take on the originally electro-dance tune in his EP "Sad Britney". I love love love that EP. Chris' soulful acoustic interpretations really made those sometimes flat overly-banal songs hold weight and meaning.

CJD fans have since been waiting for a "Toxic" video for awhile. We knew that he had roped in good friend and film-maker Christie Strong to direct the video in Sin City itself - Las Vegas - and in the desert, but we hadn't seen a finished product for some time.

Then, just weeks ago, Chris announced that he was going to get interactive with the "Toxic" video, and wanted his fans to contribute photos, drawings or videos of anything that was toxic and is/ was /should no longer benefit their lives.

And after some snazzy edits and digital magic, here's the FABULOUS result!


Together with the poignant vocals, haunting acoustic accompaniment, and three video versions to choose from, you have just gotta watch this to get a real "Toxic" experience from the video's imagery.

I am sure you'll even watch it a second time or a third.
It sure is addictive!!

In a good way, of course. ;)

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  1. So much fun to contribute images to this. And he actually used them!!