Friday, September 23, 2011

Birthday Hugs and Greetings to Christopher Dallman!

It's Christopher's Dallman's Birthday Today!!!

Go send him special warm wishes and lots of digital hugs on his Facebook page or Twitter!

And do not forget about Christopher's new EP "Light The Love", which will be released very soon. In fact there will be a release party next Monday, September 26th at Show at Barre! The details are in a previous blog post here!

The cover was design by CJD's friend and webmeister - Sean Akers. Doesn't it look light and inspiring? Almost... refulgent. And I'm sure the new songs will be equally soul-stirring and meaningful.

The best birthday present you could get for Christopher, is to buy the new CD or download the EP which will be available next Tuesday, September 27th at Bandcamp.

Remember to click this link next Tuesday to get your copy! 

And if you haven't got Christopher's previous releases - "Light the Love", "Never Was", and "Race the Light" - these will also be available at Bandcamp!

PS: I'm looking for someone who will be attending the release party and wants to write a fan report for this site! More news and more hype just helps to boost Christopher's profile in the way he deserves. So, if you want to contribute, please drop me a note on Twitter to @syzzlyn!

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