Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BRAND NEW - "Gimme More" Music Video!

It is here at last!!!

The brand new remade music video for Christopher Dallman's fantastic cover of Britney Spears' "Gimme More" has just been released!

Click here to Christopher's official website for the new video.

The video, directed by Derek Woods, features Christopher in a tuxedo (oooh!) and lots of yummy closeups.

Which then segues into various split screens of Christopher singing plus guitar, piano and drum scenes. There's even an adorable triangle scene for that short musical interlude in the song.

A classy-smooth-cool vid.

The CDC blog is aiming for some background scoop about this "Gimme More" video.. so hold on tight to your seats for the upcoming blog post!


  1. This was a great video!! Music is wonderful and the editing is amazing. I loved the tuxedo, and the setting. Those tight shots of Chris are so well done. The triangle interlude is perfect!
    Looking forward to background stories on this one.

  2. Chris sure looks mighty fine in that tux. Love the closeups!!!!!
    The lighting was great, and there was some smooth editing there.