Monday, December 17, 2012

Chris Dallman's Christmas Musical Offering - "Christmas On My Own"

Hey Everyone! Chris Dallman has got a pretty Christmas pressie, all wrapped up in a big red bow, just for us!

It's a brand new Christmas song just in time for the festive season.

Chris had been taking a short break from performing due to a shoulder injury, and I was personally very glad to see him playing and singing on my computer screen again.

The beautifully poignant yet positive song called "Christmas On My Own" is specially dedicated to all those who are not able to make it home for Christmas, with Chris singing right in his own living room.

Click here for Chris' special Christmas message

Then, take a look at the video, listen to the touching melody and share it if you love it. Which I'm sure you will!

I have a greeting for everyone who stumble upon this page too!

"Happy Christmas to Chris and loved ones, and to all his fans and blog readers!

May the holidays bring you much love, cheer and joy."


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