Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dance To "Nighttime In The City" Radboy Remix - COMING SOON!

.... Another remix of a Christopher Dallman song is coming SOON!

The song "Nighttime In the City" is from Christopher's debut album  "Race The Light", which was released back in 2004 on indie label Treasure Records. Chris was living in New York City at that time, and the song seemed to be a symbolic urbanesque musical gesture to the crowded, busy metropolis.

As a fellow city-dweller, I connected to the acoustic-funky arrangement almost immediately the first time I heard the song.

With a more clubby renewal of the track, Christopher shared an anecdote about the making of "Nighttime In the City" on Twitter and Facebook.

"..... It was written on guitar, but when Dred Scott came in to do his piano bit, we obviously shifted courses. I'm not in touch with Dred anymore, but I'm so grateful for his artistry on the track and I vividly remember driving with him through a snow storm to the studio in the woods to record this. A long, hard journey and he did it one take. Breathtaking."

The retake on the original will be in the hands of DJ Jeff Lewis -- the remixer who have been the moniker "Radboy" since 2004. Hardcore dance music and remix lovers would most probably already find that name familiar. In his own blog, DJ Jeff Lewis thought that "the whole sentiment of his song makes for a killer dance remix."

The Radboy remix of "Nighttime In the City" is expected to be released on iTunes this coming Tuesday, June 12th!

For a snippet of the groovy track, CLICK HERE!

Excited yet?


DJ Jeff Lewis website:

And if you are still not the aurally dancey type, then do check out Christopher's original "Nighttime In the City" recording at his website!
CLICK HERE to buy the track!

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