Saturday, July 30, 2011

Enjoy A CJD Live Performance... Digitally!

Recently, Christopher Dallman has been indulging his fans by doing uStream performances from time to time. And at different times to cater to his growing international fanbase in various time zones.

His last uStream "living room" performance was on Friday, July 29th at 11am PST.

There were the regular suspects in CJD's "living room" that day. And as we greeted each other, we got cozily settled for what we knew would be another fantastic acoustic session by Christopher. At one point, there were about 52 people in the "living room"!! Quite a sizeable crowd.

Some were first-timers to Christopher's live uStream and they were awed by how good our fave bb sounds even in a simple setup like this.

Christopher kicked off that day's set with a song from an upcoming new EP called "Light the Love". And he continued mixing the set with old and newer songs - which pleased the older and newer fans alike. There was also an apt tribute to the late Amy Winehouse with Christopher singing "Back to Black" in his signature "sadder" style.

The song set list was:
Light The Love
Back to Black (Amy Winehouse cover)
Coming Around
Right on Time
Driving to You
Rowing Song (Patty Griffin cover)

It was a lot of fun. Even if I stayed up late (or is it early) till 2am Singapore time just to watch Christopher's uStream for the second time. Thanks to the cups of virtual coffee and many sharp digital nudges from @ConnorFaizura!

Finch also made various guest appearance sashaying across the living room. And Josh was also there, even though if he only showed his face via a furry stuffed toy. ;)

Christopher also wanted to show us the latest addition to his family -- Kitten Scarlett. But the pretty thing was nowhere to be found.

The evening rounded up with more casual talk with some of us fielding questions via the social stream/ chat room. In between, Christopher peppered the digital convo with snippets of his own renditions of Lady Gaga's "Hair" and Rhianna's "Umbrella".

About the new EP, it seems it would most probably be released in September as it is also Christopher's birthday month. So you guyz better start saving up so you can BUY THAT EP.

Someone suggested a Lady Gaga cover, and Christopher went into this story about him and @uhllove spotting Lady Gaga at a restaurant called Magnolia some time back, and promptly mimicked how the quirky singer strode out of the place in a hurry, holding her handbag straight in front of her. It was epic-ly hilarious!! Hahaha.

Sooner than we realized, an hour of streaming was up. It was certainly a cozy time spent hanging out with Christopher and the other CJD fans online. Most enjoyable indeed.

If you've missed the session, don't fret. I'm certain there will be more whenever Christopher has the time to do them.

Anyway, Friday's session has already been made available for viewing online. Just click here to view the uStream recording!

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